Hey glad to see you here. This is Joshua from Natural Selection Labs and we are exited to show you how you can get started with Web3 Pass. Web3 Pass is your verified, aggregated, controllable and cross-device page for all online data and assets. More information about Web3 Pass can be found here (https://www.notion.so/rss3/The-Big-Update-and-Web3-Pass-536e74f8a29c4e94b0d688ffbab047ab)


To better experiment with this new model, we will be testing with Ropsten testnet. All data will be transferred to mainnet later on.

  1. First, you need a $PASS token (https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0x63cfeb343975116ec2fc27125609da236d066615). If you still don't have one, come and join the waitlist (https://form.typeform.com/to/ds3gKvwB).

  2. Switch to Ropsten testnet from your MetaMask extension:


  1. Go to http://pass3.me and click on "MetaMask".


  1. Connect your wallet with MeataMask and type in your desired RNS.
  2. Wait for RNS to process.

Managing Accounts

You can verify as many accounts or wallets as you like. For now, we only support ETH and BSC. This feature is only available through web browser with MetaMask extension.

  1. Click the add button
  2. Select the network of the account
  3. Verify accounts by signing it in your MetaMask extension